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Health Benefits of Massage Therapy and Body Treatments

A massage can restore calm, increase circulation, diminish muscle aches, and give that wonderful sense of well being that comes from stress reduction. The articles below testify to a wide array of health benefits arising from massage therapy.

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Massage: A relaxing method to relieve stress and pain.

A soothing massage can help you unwind, but that’s not all. Explore the health benefits and risks of massage therapy, plus what to expect.

You might think of a massage only as a luxury in exotic spas and upscale health clubs. But did you know that massage therapy, when combined with traditional medical treatments, is used to reduce stress and pain and promote healing in people with certain health conditions?

What is massage therapy?

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Three National Surveys Show More People are Seeking Massage for Relief and Management of Pain

(Evanston, IL – October 16, 2003) – Many people already know that massage therapy helps relieve muscle soreness. But a new consumer survey released today by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) reveals that more people than ever before seek massage specifically to manage and relieve pain. The survey shows that nearly half (47 percent) of those polled have had a massage at some time, specifically for pain relief and/or pain management. The percentage is even higher (58 percent) among 18-24 year olds as well as those ages 35-44. What’s more, 91 percent of adults polled agreed that massage therapy can be effective in reducing pain. Two other national surveys reinforce these findings.

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Research Confirms Massage Therapy Enhances Health

What do back pain, stress and breast cancer have in common?

Recent research shows that massage therapy provides relief for people suffering from each of these conditions and that it is an effective complement to medical care.

Consumers have long suspected that massage helps promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As more research demonstrates the effectiveness of massage therapy for helping to treat common ailments like low back pain, more consumers are seeking massage to improve their overall wellness and health.

Consumers aren’t the only people recognizing the benefits of massage. Physicians and other healthcare providers are increasingly recommending massage therapy to their patients as a supplement to traditional health care. According to one national survey, 54 percent of primary care physicians and family practitioners would encourage their patients to pursue massage therapy as a treatment. Consumers surveyed over the last three years say that when they discuss therapeutic massage with their physicians, more than 70% responded favorably.

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Massage: It’s real medicine

By Kristyn Kusek Lewis


Having your honey rub your back is sweet, but it’s tough to compete with the hands of a pro. A good massage therapist can make you feel like a new person. And now research suggests massage can ease insomnia, boost immunity, prevent PMS, and more. Maybe that’s why hospitals are making it a standard therapy.

"All of our surgery patients are offered the treatment — I call it ‘service with a smile’ — and it’s a mandatory weekly prescription I give myself," says Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., director of the Cardiovascular Institute at New York Presbyterian Hospital–Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and a member of the board at LLuminari, a health-education company.

Our advice: Enjoy your hands-on time with your sweetie, but set aside some time for a real massage, too. Here are some feel-good reasons:

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