Where the healing arts blossom in the Wildflower Capital of Colorado

Massage Treatments

Just Enough Massage:
This mini massage is individualized to your needs. Let your skilled therapists apply specific work so that you can get back to enjoying your day.
(25 Min. $55)

Relaxation Massage:
Relax during a traditional massage that reduces tension using light to medium pressure to soothe muscles. This treatment is perfect for those who are new to massage therapy or looking to work out general muscle stress, tension and fatigue.
(50 Min. $95, 80 Min. $145, 110 Min. $195)

The Essential Massage:
This firm massage is tailored for those of you who are adjusting to Colorado’s dry climate. Your therapist uses a Swedish style massage to apply a soothing lotion with firm pressure to relax your muscles and your mind.
(50 Min. $105, 80 Min. $155, 110 Min. $205)

Therapeutic Massage:
For those who prefer a stronger touch, this deep tissue work includes slow, deliberate massage techniques using elbows, forearms and thumbs to relieve tightness from overuse and tension.
(50 Min. $115, 80 Min. $165, 110 Min. $215)

The Athlete’s Relief Sports Massage:
Let our therapists help you get back to enjoying all the great activities Crested Butte has to offer. This treatment will use sports massage techniques to help flush, stretch, and soothe tired overworked muscles.
(50 Min. $105, 80 Min. $155, 110 Min. $205)

Hot River Stone Massage:
Polished water-heated stones are used to massage away tension and pain. Let the radiant heat from the stones warm up tired and tight muscles, allowing your therapist then use their hands to relax even the most stubborn muscles.
(50 Min. $115, 80 Min. $165, 110 Min. $215)

Stress Relief Aromatherapy Massage:
Let the natural powers of Aromatherapy restore balance and harmony to your body and mind. We use natural plant derived essential oils coupled with soothing strokes to restore your mood, recharge your muscles, detoxify your body, and uplift your spirits.
(50 Min. $115, 80 Min. $165, 110 Min. $215)

The Traveler’s Relief Massage:
Traveler’s suffering from altitude sickness and jet lag will find relief from this combination of Aroma Therapy and massage strokes that will open airways, relieve stiff muscles, and rid the body of toxins. You will leave feeling energized and restored.
(50 Min. $115, 80 Min. $165)

Expectant Mom Massage:
Moms to be will find all of there needs met in this massage. You will be massaged in side lying position using an all-natural unscented lotion to ensure your comfort. Our therapist will work gently to help relive your joint and muscle aches.
(50 Min. $115, 80 Min. $165, 110 Min. $215)

Massage Upgrade:
Relaxing Aroma Scalp Massage-$25-Enhance your massage experience by adding a relaxing aromatherapy scalp massage